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I begin with a profile that left me thoughtful in what it concerns to my lack of organization of diaries, notebooks, journals, calendars. Who didn’t have diaries with padlock in teenager? Who didn’t write letters for friends in the summer vacations? Are you from the time of Penpals? Friends that we did through correspondence. Who didn’t write love letters, of friendship letters? We just wrote, simply as that , by hand, in the paper, notes and messages were left to the parents when we went out with the friends. Who never wrote “from me to me?”

It’s so good to remember  past moments when reading how they were described by us years ago. Flirting, lovemaking, holidays, the first kiss, the movies, the first summer festivals, the lists of gifts at Christmas, the birthday parties …

We’ve always had diaries and the funny thing is that now there are days when we don’t touch them. Why is that? These notebooks still exist, but now there are things called smartphones that say we can even organize our schedules and even have reminders. Yeah … it’s not the same thing! They help us remember an event or a birthday, but they do not help us to perpetuate moments with such a description as the one required to remember later.

In one of the instagram moments, I discovered this profile, with photographs of journals that seemed to come a purchase, because the aesthetic sense, the calligraphy, the drawings, everything is very well done. They are two best friends who fill them and the journals are beautiful and artistic, a true inspiration.

I had to know more about these two friends, after all what’s the purpose of publish photos if it doesn’t arouse curiosity and be a way to connect with incredible people? That was what happened.

Rita and Maria Inês, where are you from and how do you know each other?

I think with this question I realize that our story is so uninteresting, I wanted to write “on a journey” or “on an adventure in Middle-earth to destroy the One Ring and save all creatures”, but in fact I (Rita) had 12 and Ines was 11. So the very detailed story (laughs) is that Inês was my mother’s student, we studied at the same school in the “city” of Lixa and then, somehow, I went to her birthday party and I can not even remember how. It’s been ten years, (she sighed),  I can not believe it. However between the various phases of adolescence we are inseparable, forever – we attribute without a doubt the reason of spending so much time together to lack of things to do to the quotation marks that I place in the “city” of Lixa. Lixa is an avenue with a Staples (yes the stuff store we know from wire to wick, every time we went to sit in the chair of the month and fangirl in the pens we were going to buy in September when school started). We have always been creative people and somehow connected to the arts (I as hobbie and Inês as future ambition) I really think the planets lined up for all this to happen. We are originally from the very beautiful city of Amarante that we love and where we did highschool.

From what we understand by your instagram profiles, you are students. Medicine and architecture?

Exactly, and ever since we met we know what we want.
I think it’s one of the things that keeps our connection, the destiny wanted that we had the same Alma Mater and although we are in different poles and different cities we take the “minhoto ” tricorn with pride. I think that because they are particularly demanding and require a lot of sacrifice, especially social, it helps to maintain this connection – it’s okay to spend 3 months without seeing each other, when we come back it’s the same thing and we spend hours complaining about how difficult everything is and how we are tired. But it’s just us complaining.

I want to know how this idea came about to do journaling?

A long time ago in a very distant galaxy that is located in the living room of the house of Inês, after the boredom that was to live in the Lixa and our impatience to wait for September to buy the books and notebooks we decided to start doing this journaling in the schoolbooks, no one had material like ours that we spent weeks of summer cutting, pasting and drawing to the sound of Live 8’s 4 DVDs and may sound sad but we had a great time and still keep these relics at home. So more seriously than from notebooks and diaries and day-to-day journaling we started in the highschool with school agendas, very gray for our creativity. The Bullet Journaling which is what we now show at @bambiyoda started this year.

Does the hand for drawing helps? 🙂

It sure helps, but its not essential. I think we call what we do mixed technique – tapes, glues, cutouts, collages, drawing, calligraphy, stickers. The truth is that practice makes perfection and we have been in it for some years.

How much time of your days do you keep for your journals?

This question has many answers, it depends. It depends on the time we have and if the month is ending. I think a day can range from 15 minutes to 1 hour to 3 hours in the coffee together talking, drinking coffee and journaling. But it’s been weeks since I’ve done more than the to-do-list of that day. Whenever one month ends and another starts, we lose more time doing the month separator, the habit tracker and the weekly spread that follows is all this requires a lot of time because it has a whole creative process.

What are your interests besides medicine and architecture?

Ordinary we have many, the cinema – as I said in Lixa  there’s not much to do so I fell in love with the seventh art and dragged Ines with me. Even now the question “what have you watched lately?” always comes up and we often talk about the movies thats each other went to see, and many times we exchange caps lock messages with suggestions of something we love; The music – I think we can say that we have an almost eclectic taste whose trunk and roots are common, we grow together and we notice that. Still last year we heard Iron Maiden’s Fear of the Dark live surrounded by 18,000 people in Pavilhão Atlântico in Lisbon, a girls dream. Photography, stationery, and Funkos – dolls in general.

How do you define your journals? Is there any logic, or are you doing it as it flows?

Completely as it flows Defining a journal is difficult because it is very personal.

How many journals do you have already ?

Agendas decorated with journaling in the middle we have almost a dozen each. Even journals I’m already going to the third only this year (at least for bullet journaling) and Inês is the first one – she has a snall hand writting and magically renders the paper, but has many for the visits she does and architectural works that she likes . I still have my gratitude log which is only in itself a journal and another for things that require more writing or give entry of moments that I do not want to forget.

How do you organize your day usually?

Another thing that depends. If we have too much to do as the week before an exam or delivery is almost everything planned for every hour of the day. But the rest is when we sit down and we have time to organize the tasks of that day or the day before to prepare the day that follows.

Do you use To-Do lists?

Bullet Journaling is just that, a to-do list. We just embellished and added things like sleep trackers and habits, the movies we see and what we did special on that day. In fact it is one of the things we like most in bullet journal, freedom and versatility.

What does it take to make journals as beautiful as yours?

Awww, you make us blush. First we are fans of fine black pen and the rest is ​​inspiration only  . Everything else is extra – brush pens, washi tapes, stickers, magazine or brochure clippings, and markers and crayons. Our journaling meetings have to be scheduled to prepare the “arsenal”!

You love stationery, where do you buy your items, from pens to washitapes?

Well, our favorite pens are the Muji 0.38 black. From the Muji store in Lisbon, whose stationery section is a little piece of heaven on earth – muji combines simplicity with immense quality at a very affordable price. Our journals are Purple Pineapple Design notebooks, handmade by the incredibles Natacha and Joana. They are beautiful, light and that paper even with watercolor can withstand and the detail of the purple dots of the leaves has snatched us and we are huge fans. To add to the fact that they are made with lots of love in Portugal.
Incidentally the washi tapes comes mostly from Flying Tiger, we have Ale-Hop and Fnac but many things came from Ebay, especially the stickers.
Other essentials are Tombow and Faber Castell’s Pitt Artist Pen that help in calligraphy.

What’s the thing that you dont waste time with?

In doing the monthly spreads that are often seen in the BuJos (diminutive of Bullet Journals), we are lazy, so we use an agenda.

What else do you love to do?

Watch movies and series, we like to draw. Inês likes to visit super random works of architecture that nobody understands anything and I like to go with her because she likes to annoy me with what she has learned – I find myself fascinated by her admiration for the axes of the windows. We like to keep up the conversation, to go to the beach or too soon or too late just to see the sea. I like to run and travel and secretly to study medicine and to learn about the human machine (and to pay to Inês for all the explanations about that building or architect with the functioning of this or that organ).
We could be here all day, seriously.

Advice for anyone who wants to start in journaling?

It does not take much, not even have an “arsenal” of stationery – it comes with time (and with obsession). In fact all you need is a notebook and a pen, and it can be smooth, checkered, patterned, or any. And this is all an experience in reality and then it’s adaptation to what you like ths most – for example I never have two equal weekly spreads, it’s my scene (my sister calls it “baroque” but that’s what I like haha) Inês likes to make the spread vertically and only discovered 6 months later. But in fact, the basic and essential I learned from the creator of the method, Ryder Caroll who is also a TED talker,  on his website Bullet Journal.

Journaling is mindfulness?

No doubt. I know, we are thinking about what we are going to do next, but everything that is not on this list is mindfulness – it is this awareness of how our day was, what we like and how we are feeling.

Instagram: @Bambiyoda

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