Undercover Brunch

Brunch Clandestino! Have you heard about it?

But of course, yes, there is no other thing everyone’s talking about. It is as famous as our Salvador Sobral in recent times.

I don’t know if it’s only me, but everything that is secret, undercover, untouchable, private or confidential, awakens a fleeting appetite for me to get deeper. This Brunch of its name Brunch Clandestino, awakens interest to any soul. Why is it? Because it’s hidden, because we like what is outlaw and irreverent, because it’s a brilliant idea and as one of the identities of his concept says: “It was an idea that came on a day of pijamas.”

It is not easy, get a quick reservation, but be aware of the Instagram (turn on the notifications) and make a reservation as soon as possible, to have a vacancy, because I assure you that you will not regret it.

The concept is something like this: a table in a very typical Lisbon home which breaths art, 6 seats, vegetarian food and lots of color. The idea is also to meet new people and share experiences because it’s s inevitable, with the impulse of good energy, to let go our outgoing side and ice breaking in us.

When we arrive, the hostess open the door with an ambient sound that makes us get a samba dance in the foot. You know when you don’t know people from anywhere, but there’s an empathy that seems to pass only through eye contact and there are no hugs yet? It was more or less what happened. A guided tour through the house is done while it already smells so good.The hostesses are good people and those who entered that home do not want to leave, there’s just good vibes. It begins the familiarity with a couple equally fout of the law until the other pair arrives, and between, our hostesses are in the kitchen between pots and pans. We were dazzling with the irreverent decorations, art and photography books, antique furniture and the peruvian style rug, the pictures of their works, a light to warm the sunroom for what is expected to be a very very caliente Brunch!

We are all finally, just couples, as the hostesses tell us that it is usually the girls who make the reservations and the boys go behind. Pray the story too, that they always end up loving it! Let’s Brunch then!

Tableware every piece of different nations, the mythical colored tablecloth, and this one had flowers to call the summer, what else did i want? It begins to fly food to our table by the hands of these fairies.

Our clandestine menu that I clandestinely reveal:

  • Carrot and coconut soup cream
  • Bruschetta of spinach and goat cheese with roasted sweet potato and yogurt sauce, hummus and nachos, spiralized courgette seasoned with mustard seeds and scrambled eggs with aromatic herbs.
  • Yogurt with chocolate and raspberry granola.
  • Mini pancakes with small pieces of kiwi
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Pieces of pineapple
  • Sangria, tea, coffee and watermelon juice

Uffa… I think I haven’t forgotten anything. Before we can start to attack all these colors, one of the hostesses asks to take a picture of our table and it is obvious that we have all lost shame and climb into the seats to take pictures as well. There’s time for everything, because that meal is already ours!

The very first few minutes give us space to chew, because we were very hungry, but then we started to get to know each other better, because we can not be with a group of people at the table, all quiet, isn’t it? While we were talking softly and because we didn’t want to disturb the hostesses and give the impression of badly behaved, a voice is heard from the kitchen: “I hope this silence is because everything is wonderful!” But of course everything is wonderful!

The sun begins to fill the sunroom and the heat lead us to start a kind of game of chairs looking for shade, while the hostesses joined us to know more about their group of out of laws of that brunch session. All good people, and of course there was sharing of phone numbers at the end.

The conversation was great, but really the sun was scorching and that’s why we had to leave, it was not because it was already 16:30 and the guests wanted to lie down! The farewell lasted and lasted and lasted … When times are too good we don’t want it to end. The conversation lasts till we reached the door, as it is with the people we are familiar with.

Thank you Brunch Clandestino and go forward with the Arraial this month! It will be a huge success, I have no doubts about it 🙂

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