Grateful Mornings with Ana Roldão

The world of social networks is already part of our lives, even if we try not to get addicted to these platforms, it’s difficult to ignore them. But like everything in life, we need to look at the bright side always ! I found Ana among my ramblings on Instagram, her inspiring messages and our common desires and philosophies led to the first exchanges of messages. With a portuguese heart and a fearless soul, full of dreams and desire to help others, I soon realized that we had so many purposes in common, but with them, some common fears and dissatisfactions, especially the lack of a sense of community and a certain uprooting. Perhaps, because we are living in London that can look so crowded, but sometimes you can feel so empty. It was with great joy that I received her message about this project that she was developing to help transform and change our feelings!

Grateful Mornings was turning into life, her desire to help other women connect with their purpose, overcome their fears, and find support in other inspiring women led her to create this wonderful project. I immediately felt that I had to be present at the first event, and I couldn’t have made better decision, one sunday morning spent with the best company and with the best energies!

There are times that the Universe seems to conspire to help us move forward, to remind us why we decided to leave out of our comfort zone and face a change as radical as migrate. In this attempt to find our purpose in life and to find a job that fullfil us, it is sometimes easy to feel lost, perplexed or scared. Fear… that giant beast that dwells in our head and that so often prevents us from going forward. But during this morning, there were no fears, judgments, complaints or destructive thoughts. There was sharing, understanding and more than anything, lots and lots of Gratitude! It’s so important to cultivate the habit of Gratitude, our life is full of experiences that are worth gold and cultivating Gratitude is without any doubt the way to make us feel more and more connected and happy!

And you ask, but what is all this project about?

Easy, it’s a group of inspiring women with a desire to change and influence others to discover and fight for their dreams, who gather together in a park around a blanket that is filled with healthy and nutritious snacks, which help us to nourish from the inside out and lots of talk and sharing, full of rich ideas and strategies to help us move on! We were asked to take with us a notebook and a pen, used in the end to help us to start creating a new ritual in our life, the exercise of gratitude. Before leave we took 5 minutes to write 10 things for which we were grateful for at that time, and it was impressive how easy this was to write them down. The hours passed by without we realise it… and we easily notice our courage growing and discover strenghs to continue fighting for our dreams! Simple and so grateful!

Grateful Mornings is now real and I feel it will become even more magical! Anxious for more events and if you also became interested do not hesitate to peek at the page of Grateful Mornings and of course follow this inspiring woman Ana Roldão!

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