Meditation – How to start?

Meditation is not a practice just for yoga lovers, it isn’t a religious ritual and it’s definitely not difficult to start practicing.
Meditation is just a time that you decided to be calm, to be in the present moment and to connect with yourself. When was the last time you have done that?
We all live busy lives, sometimes we’re even facing chaotic and very stressful moments. We’re used to be in this wheel of work, new projects, family responsibilities, kids, workouts, hobbies that we almost forget how to enjoy all of that. Whatever we have going on in our life in this moment we can always take 10 minutes to reconnect, to stop and be in silence with ourselves, just breathing and connecting with the moment.

Meditations helps you getting that time to stop our frenetic mind, from worrying, from stressed and from those thoughts of fear. This practice has shown to bring a very range of health benefits, already documented in several Scientific Studies.

Meditation has proved to be benefit of:

1. Improving quality of sleep and reduces insomnia
2. Reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression
3. Increase brain function, clarity, memory and concentration
4. Boosting our Immune System
5. Increase self-awareness and confidence

Increase brain function, clarity, memory and concentration Boosting our Immune System Increase self-awareness and confidence

When you connect with yourself and give your brain a break, your whole body relax. Leaving in a constant stress mood has been related to an increase of a range of chronic diseases, from mental health to chronic diseases.
Meditation is an excellent method to reduce and prevent all these problems, it’s free, easy to start practicing, will all these benefits I can’t see why not to start implementing it on our routines, give it a try..
How can you start? Find a comfortable place and time where you can just relax, close your eyes and focus just on your breathing, do a couple of deep breathes, just focus on the process of your inhalation and exhalation, just be aware of that and let your body and mind relax.
If you think you can’t do it by yourself, don’t worry, there are plenty of apps and videos on internet that can help you getting you start. Guided meditation is very easy to follow and helps us concentrating in the moment.

I leave you some of my favourites options of apps:



Honest Guys Meditation

In portuguese:
Be Natural with Ines : Before sleep and to start your day

Take 10 minutes of your morning and evening to try this exercise, think that this is the time for yourself. If you are saying ‘I don’t have time in my life to take 20 minutes for this’, you’re saying
that you don’t have time for yourself, to prioritize your health and wellbeing. So I will recommend you to stop for a minute and think about how your life and routines are making you feel, you need to start to reorganize your life in a way that you can prioritize your health and yourself. Remember you can not pour from an empty cup.. It’s time to feel your cup first!

Note: For the more sceptic ones I’ll leave here some medical research that have proved some of the benefits of mindful meditation. But remember things just start to make sense for us when we experience and feel them…


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